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The FEAR of losing your hair is what we help you overcome.  We take care of your beauty needs so you can focus on your well being during this difficult time. Book a one on one consult and we will assist personally with wigs, turbans and other head wear as well as care for your other needs in our full service hair salon! Make sure to check out our extensive inventory by clicking on "SHOP" at the top of our page!



Our friendly staff will put you at ease as you first walk through the door. New and long standing clients are treated like family as we assist you with wigs, turbans, chemo head wear, along with all of your standard hair salon needs!



Having been in business for 30+ years, we know a thing or two about hair care! Whether in need of a quick trim, color or the daungting task of finding a wig, we can assist you with ALL of your beauty needs.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves!

"...it's clear  to me that the people who work here have a calling, not just a profession." ~EVM

"...I highly recommend the Spa for their caring professionalism and bright, cheerful surroundings." ~S.P.

"...They always do a great job! I would recommend them to anyone." ~J.D.

"...I would recommend the Hair Spa and Wig Loft as an outstanding service." ~J.M.

"...Great place and people. You feel like a family member." ~S.R.

"...Love The Hair Spa! All the hair loft ladies are great!" ~L.S.

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Keep up to date on our new arrivals of wigs, turbans, & head wraps while checking out our full service hair salon! Serving Plainville, Bristol, Farmington & surrounding areas in CT!

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