Beware of wig scams!!

You want to get the most bang for your buck so you spend a few hours scouring the internet for the best looking wig at the cheapest price. You find a gorgeous hair piece at a really great deal and place your order. A couple of weeks later you recieve your purchase and as you excitedly open your package you realize the hair piece you recieved is nothing like the wig you were advertised. The material is cheap, it looks nothing like the product online, and to top it off you can't get a hold of customer service to initiate a return. Think this is a fluke? Think again!

Customers are increasingly falling victim to the old adage, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!" In this article we will cover some red flags to beware of when buying online, and why purchasing your wig through us (whether through our website or by booking a consult) is the best way to find your perfect wig!


1. Fake or plagarized product images
Scammer websites will often use a product pic of a name brand wig, or a picture of a celebrity then send a generic created to "look like" the picture.

2. Extremely low prices or crazy sales/discounts
Most legitimate online retailers have similar prices. Remember, you get what you pay for!

3. No brand name or photoMany knock off product listings will show a name brand wig but will have a generic product title such as, "Medium Length Brown Wig." A product with a brand name in its title should also list the style. For example, "Raquel Welch Winner" vs. "Raquel Welch Lace Front Wig." (It's okay for the title to include the words lace front wig, but should always specifiy the style wig).

4. TyposIf the desciption of the wig has grammatical errors you can almost gaurantee it is not authentic.


1. Buy from a reputable retailer - your best bet is always going to be buying locally! Booking a consult with us allows for proper fitting and making sure you get what you love.

2. Do not purchase from sites that only offer Western Union or wire transfers fro payment.

3. Check company with the BBB and check our list of known fraudulent companies (below).

4. Check the website for a return policy and contact form. Many scamming websites do not list a return policy or give a way to contact customer service. (Keep in mind that some scammers will copy legitimate retailers policy's - use this tip in conjunction with the others!)

5. Look to see if the business has any social media accounts and corresponding reviews. This helps show authenticity.

6. Check the manufacturers website to see if the store you are buying from is listed as one of their retailers. (Ex. if you check Jon Renau's website you can click on "Find a Store" and enter our zipcode and see us come up as a certified retailer).

5. Look for an "About Us" section that talks about the history of the company and services they provide.

LIST OF KNOWN SCAMMER WEBSITES